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Bottoms Up :icontexasdreamer01:TexasDreamer01 6 0
Rainbow Swirl by TexasDreamer01 Rainbow Swirl :icontexasdreamer01:TexasDreamer01 2 0
One One-Thousandth
For those herbalists who tend to others and themselves from the carefully-accrued bounties of the earth, such medicines are just as scrupulously crafted. And as such, there is a long-held conviction among them.
One tenet is always upheld - any tincture, no matter how diluted, will always work. Even should it be stretched to its breaking point, the potency is no less dulled, to the point of unbelievably impossible circumstances.
He supposed it was a thought particularly well-suited to him. Spitting out a bit of blood from his busted lip, the thief strolled through the inscrutable maze that was his Soul Room. None of the doors were unlocked, naturally, and he hand to hand it to his jailer - it was a perfect prison for something that so valued their freedom.
Stranded as he was, the sounds of the final Dark Game still resonated off the dank walls. It was progressing well, at least for Zorc, and at least for the moment. He gave a bitter, sharp grin.
Atem was too strong to win - even fractur
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Mature content
Hit the Storm, Take a Left :icontexasdreamer01:TexasDreamer01 0 0
The Woman Warrior
The ground was slick and muddy with spilt blood. It curled between her toes and threatened to stain the delicately fashioned, gilt sandals.
She swallowed, the motion thick and choking, continuing her stroke as she felled another soldier. The motion was uninterrupted as she pivoted to hack at another.
Her dress, gauzy and white and tightly bound into place by a bronze-shod leather breastplate, was clinging to her skin. Blood trickled in rivulets, the quickly chilling and coagulating mess making her skin itch. Sweat plastered her hair and she cursed, yet again, not having the time to bind it with a leather cord before the sounds of riots and screaming roused her from her sleep.
Someone had laid siege to the barracks, thinking that eliminating the army whilst everyone had passed out from the festivities of the prior evening was the best way to prevent a counter-attack.
As the only woman allowed to train beside the men, she had been given a room near the entrance so as to avoid lecherous c
:icontexasdreamer01:TexasDreamer01 0 0
Yugi had let him take over for the remainder of the class, happy to escape the boredom of a quiet classroom and mildly perturbed by the request. The change-over was quick enough though - his excuse of wanting to be out of his Soul Room for a while worked better than expected.
Nobody was paying the spirit any attention. He liked it better that way, silently glad that this was the one class their friends weren’t in. It would have been rather awkward to interact with them in the sort of mood he was in.
Shifting in the wooden chair, he brought a hand to his face, resisting the urge to grimace at the pulsating sparks of pain in his eyes. It couldn’t have been from the transition from a dimly-lit room to a brightly-lit one - not like that sort of thing ever bothered him in the first place, he was a bit too dead to be truly bothered by such things - he knew that much. The only thing that could cause this pain would be the turmoil in his heart.
They had figured out his name nearly
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Die Voegeln Singen
The blood splatters were nothing compared to the look in the child's eyes. Desolate, quietly foreboding. He shivered, feeling as if his very soul were being pierced by that heavy gaze.
The duplicate was still breathing - if only so faintly it could barely be seen. He was easily supported by the one staring at him so chillingly, head cradled in crook of arm.
"You have trespassed upon my heart."
Funny, it wasn't as deep as he thought it was going to be. He had been half-expecting the earth shaking tone of a god, not the low tenor of a child grown in a man's world.
Tremulously, he had the urge to bow. To bow and scrape and beg for mercy. … Not forgiveness, no. Even from here he could see just how wrong he was to be an accomplice in such bloodshed. But he steeled his nerves in the face of that judgement so fairly given to him.
"I know," He replied quietly, nodding once. This caused a flicker of surprise in the other's eyes, followed by quickly-dampened curiosity.
"Then you know you
:icontexasdreamer01:TexasDreamer01 2 3
Shadow Emissary
He could feel the tugging (tuggingholdtightsharpseams) on every molecule of his being. Lips moved, twitched into a grin at the person he was looking at, but held fast at the stitching holding them closed.
An invisible wind, one whose caresses were familiar, tugged at him. (tracingbonyribscurveofjawhauntingchuckle)
Finally, disappearing into the mist he knew this other person could not see, his lips finally broke free into a cackle. Though he could not feel, he knew his teeth had long since been formed into the needle-sharp canines he once used to fear for so long.
Last fragments wisping away were his freedom. The last glimpse he had of his terrified visitor was viewed with long-lost eyes of his hidden scrap of humanity.
:icontexasdreamer01:TexasDreamer01 2 0
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Pink Lemonade :icontexasdreamer01:TexasDreamer01 9 0
She jumped off her horse, leather-clad feet hitting the stone with a soft tap, "Well, well, what do we have here? Have I missed the party?"
There was an outraged murmur from the priests. With a smirk, Bakura tossed her prize on the ground in front of her, relishing in the disbelief emanating from the others in the room. Chaos descended shortly after that, and it was with no small amount of pleasure that she cackled as she summoned Diabound, challenging each of the priests in a mocking tone dripping with faux sweetness.
In the back of her mind, the thief wondered where the pharaoh was. He was the objective, of course, and she called out at the priests, deliberately scornful. "Where is Mr King, huh? Is he too scared to face me, using all of you as shield instead?"
Before any of the priests could do more than sputter at her in shock, a deep voice shouted, ringing with authority.
Like water, the pitiful excuse for a Sacred Court parted. A witty remark died on her lips as h
:icontexasdreamer01:TexasDreamer01 5 3
The heart shall
and life comes
with assuréd exuberance.
Worry not,
sweet young one,
these tears of ours
cleanse aching fears.
Our prayers shall be
made come morn,
and fall upon
shapely ears.
breathe and calm
your trembling soul.
It is too beautiful
to be in pain,
to hold such indecisiveness
within you.
All shall come and go,
to walk the cobbled path
that has many caretakers.
Smile through your grief,
and allow your strength
to show and shine.
We are more than the sum
of our parts, no matter
how cherished each shard.
Little one,
who has grown so much,
stand tall with serenity.
:icontexasdreamer01:TexasDreamer01 1 0
Mature content
Ruminations from a Nap :icontexasdreamer01:TexasDreamer01 0 0
I want you to scream
your music at me,
mesh the beat of
your drums and soul
with my heart.
Enrapture my body,
that my hips sway
and gyrate and
my voice reverberates
with the ululations
of your chorus.
Bring tears to
my eyes out of
the beauty and
emotions of these
words from your heart
and the wisdom of
your culture.
Let me see
my world come
alive with your
presence, and the
generations mingle
with their shared
joy and intrinsic vivacité,
and the exchange
of knowledge that
ensures base
survival of our peoples.
May the precious
circle never break
the transcriptions
on our hearts.
:icontexasdreamer01:TexasDreamer01 3 2
On the Road to Albuquerque
The desert is
beautiful, a
wilderness bristling
with ridges and
canyons, multi-coloured
shrubbery, lively cacti,
and medicinal trees.
These anguished-looking
crests that mar
your seemingly dry
skin, Geb...
They are love-bites
from adoring Nut,
are they not?
The furrows that we
carve cruelly onto your
arms are our poor
imitations of that
eternal love.
During the midday
heat, we are amazed
by the vibrant sparkle
of your blessed rivers,
managed by thanks-
giving Hapy.
Ever astonished are we,
when this seemingly-
barren land yields
bountiful welfare
from the smallest
of niches.
The ostensibly painful
marks from your
lover's hands are
awe-ful, and I
wish you to convey
my thanks to
the heavens.
:icontexasdreamer01:TexasDreamer01 2 0

Random Favourites

the_color_of_my_life by jennyugi the_color_of_my_life :iconjennyugi:jennyugi 487 49 Whimsy by AMyriadVice Whimsy :iconamyriadvice:AMyriadVice 210 41
Unsweet Silence Chapter 13
Unknown to them both. Someone else had seen that sweet scene. And did not think it was so wonderful.
Teá stood frozen in the shadows she was bout to walk out of. Seeing her Yami kiss that little freak! Her blood was boiling, her face flushed she growled and shook with the unfairness.
Yami was hers!
How dare the little freak try to steal him away from her?
Teá stormed out of the shadows and down the same street she had come out of, she knew from Miho where Yugi lived, and she had heard about the little 'accident' Miho was involved in, and was planning to give him a piece of her mind when she had seen Yami's car pull up.
She paused, very angry. Why is he here with him? She thought angrily.
Then Yami had kissed him. Teá felt the floor drop, she was shocked, so mad she should have been screaming. Yugi seemed just as surprised as Yami but then the little brat had the nerve to ask for another kiss!
Yami's first as much as Yugi's.
Teá was boiling now. She wan
:iconebirchalle:EBirchalle 50 53
Unsweet Silence Chapter 12
With their movie chosen and their seats reserved they all jumped into Anzu's favourite blue car and started their journey to the movies. Anzu leaned out of the window for the ninth time "You retarded excuse for a divers-licence-achiever! Get off my bumper!"
Serenity chuckled and pulled her inside "Temper, babe" she reminded her gently with a smile.
Anzu nodded and pinched her nose "I hate Sunday traffic" she muttered before parking at last. She gave the guy the finger as he went by and then got out. "I'm in such an effing rage!" she hissed angrily, so angry that she couldn't even swear properly.
Serenity smirked, a look that didn't suite her in the daytime, and pulled Anzu into a quick kiss "Feeling better?" she asked innocently.
Yami and Joey averted their eyes and Joey affectionately covered Yugi's eyes as Anzu kissed her red headed girlfriend back "Da pair a ya need ta remember we're in public" Joey said, he was used to their random kisses, but the rest of the world wasn't.
:iconebirchalle:EBirchalle 51 63
SEX by kyuubikun SEX :iconkyuubikun:kyuubikun 93 83 Hill Giant by bridge-troll Hill Giant :iconbridge-troll:bridge-troll 2,545 205
Mature content
Keeping a Secret :iconbrinibee:BriniBee 24 25
Bound- Chapter 3
AN: I don't own Yu Gi Oh! I just do it for funsies. Oi, short chapter is short again, sorry guys, hopefully the chapters will start to get longer, but the chapters have been short mainly because of where I wanted to have a break in the story rather than intentionally keeping them short.
Thank you very much to everyone who's been reading and commenting!

"The Past Has Passed"

War had indeed come to Yasuo's lands, just as the tribesman had predicted. Within the year of his presence and departure in the house of the Pharaoh his lands had been ransacked and destroyed, the once beautiful village laid to only smoldering rubble and ash, pieces of lives burned and left to be strewn on the ground: handmade bowls and cups, a simple ragdoll, the leg of what had once been a table or chair.
The people of Yasuo's mountain tribe had also disappeared. Many had been killed in the rampage
:iconbrinibee:BriniBee 15 11
Unsweet Silence Chapter 11
Yami woke up earlier than normal. His eyes shot open as he sat up, panting and shivering. He had a dream of fire and screams. He hadn't felt the heat nor seen the voice the screams had come from, but his heart told him that it was Yugi. Yami groaned and pulled at his locks, he had been thinking about his little one's scars, how did he get so many?
There wasn't a chance of Yami getting back to sleep with his mind on Yugi. He got up and pulled on an outfit. He smelt food coming from the kitchen. Joey must be up.
Yami smiled as he saw Joey waiting for Serenity to finish frying the eggs. She was humming softly, swaying her hips and shifting her feet slightly to her tune; Yami blushed when he recognised it as the same song Yugi had him dance to.
Anzu nearly bumped into him as she came around the corner "Wai!" she shrieked then calmed down instantly. "Morning" she chirped as if screaming in his face two seconds ago was the most natural thing in the world.
Yami blinked and shook his he
:iconebirchalle:EBirchalle 50 70
Unsweet Silence Chapter 10
Teá annoyed the group for the rest of the evening.
At last Seto snapped, and this had been a long time coming. He stood up, his impressive height scaring everyone into shutting up. He looked down at the cowering Teá and said "We're leaving, you're not coming" and he turned to walk out the door.
Joey jumped up and followed, Tristan hesitated, wanting to stay with Miho. Anzu stood on Teá's foot but left without looking at her, Serenity holding her hand and the two talking softly. Yugi and Yami followed, Tristan smiled at Miho and then trailed out last.
Seto breathed out through his nose, pinching the bridge and shutting his eyes tightly. "If I hear Teá's voice one more time this evening, I'll be going to jail"
"Why's dat?" Joey asked, patting Seto on the back to release the tension that had built up listening to her sickly honey toned voice.
Seto sighed "Because I'll murder her"
Anzu laughed "I'll dump the body"
Yami snickered as well "I'll give you an alibi" they jok
:iconebirchalle:EBirchalle 44 33
Unsweet Silence Chapter 9
Yami sighed as he leant against the wall of the club backstage. He had black leather pants, black boots with a hint of a heal to make up for his slight under-height, a chain mail shirt with a spiked dog collar and bare arms except for a fake dark blue tattoo of a scorpion on his left bicep and the bracelets on his wrists. His hair had some dull glitter in it to catch the light of the club inside.
Beside him was Seto, he had an icy blue shirt that was sleeveless with the top buttons were undone, he had black denim jeans on and black boots that were just right for him.
Joey was sitting beside him with light blue ripped jeans and a red top with a dog tag on a small chain from his neck, there was a sentence on the back. 'Joker by day, Mocker by night'. The blond shot him a grin and the peace sign "Day'll be here, Yam. Ya know Anzu, she has to be perfect for da floor before she makes her entrance"
Tristan chuckled. He had a green and white striped top with dark blue baggy trousers that were
:iconebirchalle:EBirchalle 43 28
Unsweet Silence Chapter 8
Yugi fidgeted under Anzu's critical gaze.
This was the third outfit in about the tenth shop. With each shop having about fifteen outfits each for Yugi to test. Anzu frowned and then snapped her fingers "That's what's wrong… stay there Yugi, I'll be back in one moment" she raced to the jewellery section.
Yugi sighed and leaned back against the mirror, having been banned from looking into it until the outfits were complete. Anzu had insisted on paying for his clothes, some were madly expensive and Yugi was feeling very grateful and worried that she'd ask him to pay it back.
Anzu had seen his expression when she had whipped out her wallet. She smiled and squeezed his shoulders. "It's alright, its Teá's credit card" she snickered "And you can pay me back by giving me some awesome ass lessons in how to kick Kaiba's stuck up butt in Duel Monsters"
Yugi had agreed at once, thankful that he could repay her in some way. Anzu came back in and strapped thick bracelets onto his wrists, t
:iconebirchalle:EBirchalle 43 38
Unsweet Silence Chapter 7
Yugi belched as soon as he was done with his fourth pancake, he held a hand in front of his mouth in surprise, he never made such a noise! Anzu chuckled, trying to run a comb through her wild bed head without messing up her many braids and ribbons. "Looks like somebody enjoyed their breakfast" she smiled as Yugi nodded and patted his stomach contently.
Joey was halfway through his ninth pancake when he head that. His honey brown eyes flashed playfully "Ya got yaself another fan T. Ya should so open a restaurant"
Tristan sighed and pushed his bacon around his plate "My Father would hate me forever if I did that, he wants me to be in the army like him"
Yami snorted and but recovered before Anzu could throw her hairbrush at him "Sorry, Tristan. It's just that I can't see you as a soldier or anything close, no offence" he added, winking.
Tristan shrugged "None taken, it's not like I want it too"
Yugi was frowning and he reached for his notepad only to realise that he'd left it in the bedro
:iconebirchalle:EBirchalle 48 33
Unsweet Silence Chapter 6
Yami woke up later that night to the sound of someone tossing and turning and whimpering in panic. He sat up and turned on the lights next to him to the dimmest setting they could manage and saw Yugi, tangled in his sheets, sweating and panting, trapped in a nightmare.
Yugi was surrounded in fire. He was running through the burning apartment looking for his Dad. "Dad!" he shouted "Dad where are you? We have to get out! Dad!" the fire rose and Yugi whimpered and coughed in the smoke and heat.
Suddenly he found him. "Ah! Dad! We have to get out!" he called running to his side.
The man looked up at his son and shook his head "Yugi…" then shoved him as hard as he could through the window. It smashed and cut Yugi's tender white skin all over, knives, with a thousand eyes shining out of the glass splinters that were falling all around him, watching him with cruel expressions.
Yugi fell into more flames watching his Dad vanish behind its burning wall, Yugi's entire body was swallowed
:iconebirchalle:EBirchalle 48 53
Unsweet Silence Chapter 5
When they all had been soaked ten times over, they decided to go inside. Tristan looked at the sun and groaned "Why does time have to fly so fast?"
Yugi giggled, sounding happy and making everyone glance at him in surprise, still unused to any sounds coming from his little mouth. Anzu messed his hair gently "You should laugh more often, you have a nice laugh, cutie" Yugi blinked in surprise and then smiled like the sun, his face radiant. Yami felt his heart clench slightly. He felt unbelievably jealous when Yugi smiled like that to Anzu, but it was such a joy to see him smiling too.
Joey had a towel around his shoulders and grabbed his mobile phone and grinned at the others "Excuse me, Seto an' I need ta chat, laters" he left the room dialling the number of his boyfriend from memory.
Tristan and Anzu laughed and waved him out with cat calls and a few puppy jokes before Joey was out of hearing range. Yugi was giggling again, he sat down at the head of the coffee table and looked with in
:iconebirchalle:EBirchalle 44 58
Unsweet Silence Chapter 4
Yugi's reaction to Yami and Seto's house was comical. As soon as the bus dropped the chatting and laughing teens at the end of their road Yami pointed to his house. Or mansion.
Yugi's jaw dropped and his eyes widened as he looked at the sheer size of it. He froze and nearly had Anzu walk into him. The girl laughed "Close that mouth, cutie, or you'll catch the flies"
Yugi shut his mouth and blushed, embarrassed at his dumb reactions. Joey snickered "Don't worry Yug', everyone has da same reaction"
Yami, Anzu and Tristan looked at Joey in pleasant surprise. It was a known fact in the group that once Joey gave you a nickname he considered you a part of the group. Anzu's eyes sparkled "Yug', eh Joey?"
Joey nodded and gave the overjoyed Yugi a thumbs up "Dat's right. Ya a part of us, ain't he T?"
Tristan nodded "Yeah, you're a pal Yugi. Lets get inside, I wanna hit the pool!"
Yugi suddenly froze and looked half scared and half nervous. Yami paused at the little one's reaction. "Yugi? What's
:iconebirchalle:EBirchalle 49 29


I'm on tumblr more often now than here. DA still has a lot of bugs, and as of right now I just don't feel like playing tag with the various viruses/trojans/malware/etc on here. Stuff will still be uploaded here, but it's going to be at a slower rate now that I'm in college (which is why I've been virtually nonexistent on here).

Dunno if you yugioh guys are keeping track or not, but I do have a new series which is taking up most of my writing time - The Second Epilogue Chronicles, TSEC for short. It's a bit of a meta, and me hammering out tropes and clichés that annoy the ever-loving hell out of me. Features my OTPs, puzzle, tender, and bronze, and how most realistically they would be handled post-canon/"yamis have a body."

The ficlets aren't going to make much sense right now, until I've finished nearly all of it, because they're purposely out of order. And even if you absolutely, positively despise one of the ships, read all of it, anyway (go big or go home is really how this entire thing ought to be approached). If you like one bit because you like, say, puzzleshipping, but you can't wrap your mind around bronzeshipping - you need to read that other stuff, too, because a plot hole in one is going to be filled in another.

Poems and their general ilk will still pop up. I tend to accumulate whatever it is I write, so I can upload it in bulk - if two or three can be considered such. :D

Since I'm being overwhelmed with the amount of deviations I have to sort through in my inbox, a lot of people will be "demoted" to just nominally being followed - no new deviations/journals/etc. If I talk to you on some sort of regular basis, or I have a particular fondness for something you do that keeps afloat in my memory, you're golden.



Feel free to use any icons I've made. Most of my stories are cross-posted, and my tumblr has specific tags for them.


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